Branded food and non-food since 1991

About Fabco

Fabco Ltd. is a Danish company that was founded by Mr. Peter Faber in 1991. Our mission is to offer quality food and non-food products to consumers in developing countries by building close relationships with local importers and wholesalers. Today, our products are sold mainly in Africa and the Caribbeanhowever, we offer our products worldwide.

The TAP-TAP product brand

We cooperate with professional suppliers around the world to provide quality products that meet the daily needs of any household. Both our food and non-food products are sold under the well-established TAP-TAP brand. Fabco first started out in Haiti and it is from here the TAP-TAP name originates. TAP-TAP is a colourfully painted shared bus/taxi and means “quick quick”.

Our success is built on strong relationships

Prior to establishing Fabco more than 25 years ago, Mr. Peter Faber worked for different multinational trading companies. He has extensive experience working with the African continent and the Caribbean. His approach to developing Fabco into a successful business has been to enter into strong relationships with suppliers and customers that are based on mutual trust, commitment and high integrity.

TAP-TAP vogn